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Josh Hutcherson fans!

Join me on a mission to make Josh the next face of milk mustache poster! Email the people of Got Milk? telling them why you think JHutch should have his own ad! Give them a heart-felt reason why he should do this, or just send ‘em a email that says "JOSH HUTCHERSON FOR A GOT MILK? MILK MUSTACHE!" How cool would that be if the power of the Josh Hutcherson fandom got the Got Milk? people to choose Josh for their next poster!? LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Here’s the email! info@milkpep.org Email them now! :D

Also, please credit me for this idea! I’d really appreciate it if in your email to them you put, "Rae McKenzie is the captain of this idea."  & link my Twitter. Just throw in something like that! Thanks!

I tried to make a demo of what a poster of his could look like :) Hope you dig it! Don’t laugh at my photoshop skills! Lol

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